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Biography In Sound was a documentary series broadcast from 1954 to 1958 on NBC. Joseph Meyers, a NBC newsman, produced a documentary on Winston Churchill for his 80th birthday, November 30, 1954. It was an instant hit and highly praised by critics. Encouraged by the show's success, Meyers went on to produce another piece on the writer Ernest Hemingway, again to wide critical acclaim. After the third documentary on Gertrude Lawrence, the show was serialized and aired weekely for 60 minutes beginning in February, 1955.

Each Biography In Sound show introduces the life story of a well-known historical figure. It includes a fine mixture of anecdotes, interviews, critical reviews, and sound clips of the subject's voice.

There are 87 shows in our collection! Date Aired
His Finest Hour - Winston Churchill November 28, 1954
Meet Ernest Hemingway December 19, 1954
Sigmund Romburg Tribute October 24, 1954
Meet Ernest Hemingway April 3, 1955
Leo the Lip Leo Durocher April 17, 1955
The Atom Menace and Promise August 9, 1955
They Knew President Franklin Roosevelt April 10, 1955
Jerome Kern the Man and His Music November 29, 1955
They Knew Thomas Wolfe November 1, 1955
Leo The Lip-Leo Durocher October 4, 1955
Franklin P Adams September 27, 1955
That Was F Scott Fitzgerald September 20, 1955
Darrow - 100 Years Later September 13, 1955
Meet Ethel Barrymore September 6, 1955
The Babe Ruth Story August 16, 1955
Broadway July 26, 1955
John L Lewis July 12, 1955
George Washington - The Man Nobody Knows July 5, 1955
Meet Gertrude Lawrence June 14, 1955
The Kenton Era June 5, 1955
Meet Carl Sandburg May 29, 1955
The Actor May 1, 1955
George Bernard Shaw March 27, 1955
They Knew Bernard Shaw May 15, 1955
The Actor w-Olivier Leigh and Bankhead March 6, 1955

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